Isagenix ISALean Shakes Give Me Brain Freeze

Ahhhhhhh!  Chocolate Berries and Banana Isagenix ISALean Shakes. Once again, here I am complaining about how I haven't followed the program exactly as outlined. Tried on a pair of pants I wanted to wear, at a wedding this weekend; and they were too tight! Guess what!?!? I am restarting the Isagenix Meal Replacement Program.  Enough... Continue Reading →

Trials and Tribulations

Do I Start Again or Just Keep Going? Monday started off great. Had two Isagenix Isalean shakes and a healthy dinner at the end of the day. Followed the regular Shake Day Plan along with taking the following:  Natural Accelerator, Ionix Supreme and my AM and PM Ageless Essentials. Like I said, started off with a... Continue Reading →

If It Was That EASY…

At the end of the day... If it was that easy then we could all do it. I've been slacking off big time. Taking that into account, I've decided to get back on program. Today was my first day doing a complete full-blown Cleanse. Not for the faint of heart! It's a bitch and for... Continue Reading →

Where Did the Week Go?

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday. This week flew!  I started Monday with a Cleanse day.  The rest of the week, I am doing Shake days with one good meal at night. Last night was a treat, Kathy brought me home left over Chinese food. I had 3 pot stickers, a cup of... Continue Reading →

Lazy Weekend

Maintained Shake Days Over the Weekend. Even though It was a lazy weekend, we still managed to stay on the ISALean Shakes over the weekend.  It was tempting to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out.  However, we stuck to the plan and only had a dinner with two shakes throughout the day. We made sure... Continue Reading →

Finally a Cleanse Day

It took me for ever, but I finally did one. Yesterday was a ISAGENIX Cleanse Day.  There's not much I can say about the day.  I started my first cleanse at 10:00 am and took one every 3 hours after that.  Of course I also took my Ageless Essential AM/PM Vitamins, Ionix Supreme, Natural Accelerator... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fall Into That Trap

It's not that I'm bored with the ISAGENIX Plan... I'm definitely not bored. What I am is frustrated! I follow the plan daily, but then at the end of the day I mess up!  Lately, we've had a ton of social events and reasons to drink, almost every day. Drinking alcohol is not a good... Continue Reading →

Keep It Simple Stupid

The Shake Day Plan Works For Me I have been following the ISALean Shake Day plan for the past few days.  The numbers are pretty simple.  Two shakes daily, if you don't have time to make half-shakes. Half shakes are when you only use one scoop instead of 2 scoops of the ISALean chocolate or... Continue Reading →

All Shake Week

I might have taken a wrong turn. Turns out, I did Shake Days only all of last week.  All though that's probably OK. What's not OK is, that I was drinking over the weekend.  We had something to do every night.  At least we stayed on program with the shakes and one good meal per... Continue Reading →

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