Summing It Up

ISAGENIX DinnersISAGENIX plus one healthy meal = weight loss

Shake Days, while on the ISAGENIX program, allow for one healthy meal per day, in conjunction with ISALean Shakes; and a few snacks to round out the day.

I came up with the idea of combining my fascination with learning the nutritional value of ingredients, plus the ISAGENIX program to lose weight. Additionally, we can calculate the amount of calories burned daily and subtract those from the amount of calories you consume. The results can help you to come up with a better solution for successful weight loss management.

To lose one pound of fat we need to burn 3,500 more calories than you take in as food. We burn through almost that amount of calories in our every day activities.  For most, it may take you more than 2 days to lose one pound of fat. However, if you add a little exercise to your daily activities you can easily burn the extra 3,500 calories per day.

We’ll track multiple nutritional values on this blog.  Calories, carbs and fat are the most obvious pieces of the pie. However, metabolism, exercise, water weight, nutrition, inflammatory factor and glycemic levels also contribute to weight loss or gain.

Over the next few months I will post recipes linked from my daily posts.

Click here to learn more about ISAGENIX.

ISAGENIX recommends you eat one healthy, low-glycemic and balanced 400-600 calorie meal, while on the Shake Day Plan.  A typical plate should consist of one half fruits and vegetables, a serving of grains with at least half as whole grains, a serving of lean protein such as fish or skinless chicken, and a serving of a calcium-rich food such as fat-free or low-fat milk or yogurt.

Unfortunately, I didn’t read the above statement prior to starting my program.  So let me apologize in advance for the first two recipes I am posting.  On the other hand, these recipes are very healthy, nutritious, low-carb, fat, calorie, potassium, sodium and  highly anti-inflammatory.

Follow this link to calculate the amount of Calories Burned, performing specific activity over a  period of time.

Follow this link to calculate the Nutritional Content for Ingredients.

This is a dynamic blog and I will add and change information as necessary.

I hope you enjoy…


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