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I’ve been told, “one of the keys to writing a successful blog, is to find a subject matter you are passionate about. “There are many reasons for why I am writing “By the Numbers.” At the end of the day, I think this is the one I can finally get behind.

I originally created this blog “By the NUMBERS” to share my weight loss journey.  I had a simple approach to tracking calories in and making sure those were less than calories burned. Back in 2010, that was a novel approach, as we didn’t have the nutritional calculators available today via our smart phones.  How things have changed!

Starting in 2019, I am taking a different path to weight loss.  Instead of following a weight loss program.  The difference is I am now changing to NEW WAYS OF EATING.

We will cover the following:

  • Carnivore way of eating
  • Keto way of eating
  • One Meal A Day eating
  • Intermittent Fasting

I am neither a dietitian, physical trainer, doctor or any other certified professional. What I am is someone who has successfully lost weight following these ways of eating. I started researching Keto, Carnivore, One Meal A Day and Intermittent Fasting last year. Reading and watching YouTube videos from the physicians and reputable authorities on these ways of eating.

Here Is How I Started:

All my research lead to one conclusion. Controlling your carbohydrate intake is the key to all of these ways of eating. January 3rd of 2019, that’s the day I started experimenting with new ways of eating. I jumped right into the deep side of the pool, by fasting for 3 days. My intent was to detox and jump start the burning of stored carbs in my system. After the fast, I began restricting carbs to no more than 20g per day, for the next 7 days.

My next challenge was to program myself to stop eating late at night.  I set a goal, to eat my last meal no later than 8:00 pm or at least 2 hours before I went to sleep.  I know that seems too late to most people. However, there are many times when we are still working up to and past 8:00 pm.  FYI… To date, this is still one of the goals, I have yet to reach 100% success!

Low to Zero carbohydrates is our goal. Rethinking what and how we eat is the hardest part.  At first, we begin to search for alternatives to our favorite foods. Zero or low carb noodles, pizza crusts, biscuits and crackers to snack on, etc. Eventually, we stopped trying to mimic the old HIGH CARB processed foods; and replaced them with HIGH PROTEIN and almost NO CARBS. For example, instead of chips or crackers, we use pork rinds, beef jerky or cheese crisps. Dips we like to use are buffalo sauce, guacamole, nacho cheese sauce, mascarpone, etc.

I wanted to take this new WOE (way of eating) to the next level.  So to begin with I needed to limit how often I would eat, to One Meal A Day. My wife gets dizzy if she goes too long without eating, so she eats twice a day. Working from home made this very difficult. I have to open the refrigerator door to get heavy whipping cream for my coffee.  We all know what that means, then I stare at the shelves thinking to myself, “hmmm what could I eat?”  You have condition yourself to stopping that habit. Don’t keep anything in the fridge that would conflict with your way of eating. As long as, when you get hungry, you maintain either your carnivore, keto or no carb WOE, you will be fine!

Finally, I added Intermittent fasting to the mix so that my OMAD (one meal a day) would take place during 6-hour window, after fasting for 18 hours. Therefore, I eat OMAD between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm.  Hopefully, sooner than later, that 6-hour window will change to 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Eating is no longer a priority for me.  I am fine with eating OMAD, keeping my carbs below 14g and fasting for 18-20 hours per day.

To change things up a bit, I started to experiment with carb cycling by alternating between the keto WOE and the Carnivore WOE.  Both have similarities with two major exceptions.  The first is when following the Carnivore way of eating, you do not have to restrict yourself to counting anything.  You simply just eat meat! Second, you can eat as often as you would like. Eat when you are hungry and drink water when you get thirsty.  After conditioning myself to only eating once a day, during my 6-hour window, it’s easy to eat a large ribeye with butter for dinner. I stay satiated until my next post fast meal.  Occasionally, I will eat a piece of leftover meat around 2:00 or 3:00 pm if I’m hungry. I will eat carnivore for 5-7 days and then switch to Keto for a bit, because I will add veggies or salad to my meals.

There are two goals that I have yet to meet.  The first is my intermittent fasting window, not going past 6:00 pm. The second is to eliminate all alcohol from my diet.  I feel that if I can do both of those, for at least 10-14 days, my way of eating would show even better results!

Now… I don’t expect everyone to have the same results. As you read on the disclaimer of every diet commercial, “individual results may vary.” We all have different lives, responsibilities and levels of daily activities. These factors play will play major roles in your individual results.

I hope you like it…

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Thanks – Javier

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  1. Are you going to blog in 2015…your old isagenix posts from 2012 onward we’re helpful to read cause I’m finding myself in the same boat. I think after reading your posts, I’m feeling refocused and ready to continue tomorrow!! Would be great to hear an update on how your weight loss/management lifestyle has been going and where you’re at now:)

    Hope all is well and looking forward to seeing some activity on your blog again! New year…new start, right?!:)

    Cheers to 2015!

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