Trials and Tribulations

Do I Start Again or Just Keep Going?

Monday started off great. Had two Isagenix Isalean shakes and a healthy dinner at the end of the day.

Followed the regular Shake Day Plan along with taking the following:  Natural Accelerator, Ionix Supreme and my AM and PM Ageless Essentials.

Like I said, started off with a bang.  Then later that night, Kathy asked, “if we had any cookies?” It went down hill fast after that.

So today, I am starting again… Hopefully with better results than yesterday.  Shake Day Plan day two; or is it day one again?

This time around I will add a daily workout.  It’s the only way to truly promote weight-loss. Today’s workout will be 30 minutes of sit ups. Three sets of vigorous sit-ups burns a total of 465 calories.

Using the NutrionalData Calculator, Grilled chicken breast for dinner has 193 calories. One cup of steamed broccoli has 88 calories. Plus add one tablespoon of Olive oil, at 124 calories. You have a total of 405 calories just in dinner.  Add the Isagenix Shake 24o calories and the Ionix Supreme 35 calories and the total calories for the day equal 680 calories.

Total up all of your daily activities with caloric calculator, I’m using a conservative number of 2500 calories, plus the workout  465 calories and you are at 2965 calories burned.  Leaving a negative of 2285 calories. A few calories shy of what it takes to achieve one pound of weight loss, in just one day.

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