If It Was That EASY…

At the end of the day… If it was that easy then we could all do it.

I’ve been slacking off big time. Taking that into account, I’ve decided to get back on program. Today was my first day doing a complete full-blown Cleanse.

Not for the faint of heart! It’s a bitch and for those that don’t know what it’s all about. Here are the rules!  Water, Natural Accelerator, Ionix Supreme and some Isagenix snacks plus your AM and PM Ageless Essentials . That’s all you get!

Better to get the hard one over first. Tomorrow, I’ll do a shake day. Today was a cleanse day and I hated it!

Don’t forget to finish the day off with an Isagenix Flush.

This is a food replacement program which allows you to lose weight within 30 days.

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