Don’t Fall Into That Trap

I'm not bored, just frustratedIt’s not that I’m bored with the ISAGENIX Plan…

I’m definitely not bored. What I am is frustrated! I follow the plan daily, but then at the end of the day I mess up!  Lately, we’ve had a ton of social events and reasons to drink, almost every day.

Drinking alcohol is not a good idea for two reasons. The first is pretty obvious. When you are on a cleanse day, you can’t eat or drink anything not on the plan.  Therefore, when you have a few drinks you might as well save your cleanse mixture; because you’re not going to see any benefits.  The second reason it’s not good, is because of the calories and sugar from alcohol.  Two very specific things that will through throw off your numbers.

I know this to be true, because I’m living it.  We’ve started both plan days and ended up changing it, because of drinking or eating at the last minute.

Everything in moderation is OK.  However, we have been whooping it up a bit.  NOW I have to start all over!!!!

Shake day today…

My morning started at 5:00 am today with Ageless Essentials Vitamins and a cup of decaffeinated green tea. The morning is when I like to take the Natural Accelerator.  After a few hours work I drink my first of two shakes at 10:00 am, then my second at 2:00=2:30 pm.  My favorite shakes lately are blueberries with chocolate. Today I added 1/2 scoop of Ionix Supreme (powder version) for a little more flavor. Throughout the day I try to consume a glass of water every 2 hours.  Then we will make a sensible dinner to finish things off.  When I get hungry around 9:00 pm, I down an ISADelight Plus.  The dark chocolate is very satisfying.

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  1. I feel you about the alcohol….it’s hard as hell for me to not have an occasional glass of wine!! I teach high school during the day, come home and stress out doing homework with my girls, and I can’t have any wine!!!! I miss caffeine too by the way! Hang in there!

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