All Shake Week

Wrong turn over the weekendI might have taken a wrong turn.

Turns out, I did Shake Days only all of last week.  All though that’s probably OK. What’s not OK is, that I was drinking over the weekend.  We had something to do every night.  At least we stayed on program with the shakes and one good meal per night.

Today I will start with my ISAGENIX Ageless Essentials Vitamins and the Cleanse for life.

9:00 am update:  Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme, Natural Accelerator and Ageless Essentials.

1:30 pm update:  Cleanse for Life number two.

3:00 pm update:  Two ISAGENIX Snacks

5:00 pm update: Cleanse for Life number Three.

I was so hungry by 7:00 pm that I broke down and had 3 ounces of left over meat loaf with 1/2 cup of corn and a cup of basmati rice.

Sorry, sometime you have to eat when you are hungry.

Finished off the night with my PM Ageless Essentials Vitamins.

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