Friday The Thirteenth

The luckiest or worst day of the yearIs today your lucky day? 

Today I am doing another ISAGENIX ISALean Shake Day.  It being Friday, I find it difficult to do a Cleanse Day.

I started off on the same routine as before.  One cup of decaffeinated coffee early in the morning.  I took my Ageless Essentials AM vitamin pack along with the Natural Accelerator.

11:00 am update:  First ISALean Shake of the day was 2 scoops of chocolate, 1 ounce – about 1/4 banana, 1 ounce blueberries – less than 1/4 cup (both frozen).  Mixed all of that with 1/2 cup of ice and 3/4 cup of water, in the blender. The banana and blueberries combined adds 33 calories and only 10 carbs to the shake.

I’m saving the Ionix Supreme for a new recipe I am going to try making, with dinner tonight.

1:00 pm update: Had two ISAGENIX Snacks – Vanilla.

3:30 pm update: That ISALean Shake I made earlier was so good, I decided a repeat was in order.  Yum!!!

Sometimes I get hungry after the final shake and before dinner. That’s when I like to snack on a few almonds or cucumber slices.

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