Discipline is the key to success to stay on track with ISAGENIX.

Day two of the two day ISAGENIX Cleanse Day Plan back-to-back.

This morning started off a little rougher than yesterday.  I awakened very early and started off the morning with two cups of decaf.  Already took my Ageless Essentials Vitamin package

8:00 am update: Cleanse One (Breakfast) with one Natural Accelerator.

10:00 am update: I did my shot of Ionix Supreme and took 2 ISAGENIX Snacks, with a full glass of water.

12:00 noon update: Cleanse two of the day (Late Morning).

2:00 pm udate: It’s time for my afternoon snack.  Took 2 ISAGENIX Snacks and 1 Natural Accelerator.

4:00 pm update: Cleanse three of the day (Late Afternoon).

5:00 pm update: 2 ISAGENIX Snacks and a glass of water.

6:30 pm update: Final Cleanse of the day, “Cleanse Four” (Dinner).  Along with the cleanse, I had a ISAFlush tablet with my PM Ageless Essentials Daily Pack.

Another Cleanse day down.  Two back-to-back isn’t easy.  I’m not sure it I’ll do it again; but then again I can’t be sure until I see the results.

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