Proof positive ISAGENIX works“The proof is in the pudding.” What does that mean?

It means that the true value or quality of something can only be judged when it’s put to use. The meaning is often summed up as “results are what count.”

There are three truths undeniable truths when it comes to proving weight loss. The first is obvious -“get on the scale and weight yourself.”  The second is a little more subjective -“does it look like you’ve lost weight?” The third and most satisfying is -“your clothes fit looser than they did last week!”

I can say, without a doubt, “ISAGENIX WORKS!” In only 5 days on the program, I lost an astounding 8 pounds this week. That’s 8 pounds, without any exercise what so ever (for this week). To top it off, that includes drinking a whole bottle of wine last night. Here are the numbers, 8 pounds in five days equals 1.6 pounds per day. I LIKE LOVE those numbers!

6:00 am update: Not sure if it’s acceptable on the ISAGENIX plan, but I need a cup of coffee. Also used the Ionix Supreme to make a warm tea.

8:00 am update: Today is another Shake Plan day. So I made a vanilla ISALean Shake with blueberries and half of a banana. Very satisfying and tasty.  Took my packet of Ageless Essentials men’s vitamins along with a Natural Accelerator.

Ended the night at the Rivers Casino in Palatine, IL celebrating my father-in-law’s eightieth birthday.  Probably not a good idea to eat lobster bisque, bread, frog legs and scallops while on a diet, but what can I do?  Also we drank from 4:00 pm to 4 am.

Taking tomorrow off regardless!

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