Third day is no picnic, cuz there’s no food.

Woke up starving this morning!!!! Gotta get over it, right?

Today is going to be a bit of a challenge.  The first in a series of 2 days of cleansing.  I wish I could say, “I can’t wait…” but then I would be lying.  However,  I can’t wait to see what this is all about, is more of what I’m thinking. Remember… “RESULTS!”

I did my first “Cleanse for Life,” product at 9:30 this morning; and second at 11:00, with so me ISAGENIX Snacks (one each, chocolate and vanilla).  I have to admit, that “Cleanse for Life,” stuff is really tasty.  I wonder… can we mix this stuff with vodka? Maybe a good idea, for after work cocktails?  All work and no play makes me sort of grumpy.  When is ISAGENIX going to develop ISACOHOL?  Now, that would be something!

Hopefully, soon I will have learned all the product names we are using.  Please bear with me, going on a diet is hard enough.  Learning the names and purposes of the different products ISAGENIX offers can be daunting.  At least for me it is.

1:00pm update: It’s not very fun not being able to eat something.  What’s even worse is, I don’t have a great dinner to look forward too.

3:00pm update: Taking my “Natural Accelerator,” and splitting my apple with Kathy.  What a treat! Sorry, this is about the time when I become sarcastic from the hungries.  Tomorrow will be much easier.

6:00pm update: Late afternoon “Cleanse for Life.” Gonna save my snacks for Dinner.

Final update for today: We’ll do the final Cleanse, with the flush and two hours later enjoy the ISADelight Plus.

Not a bunch of math used on Cleanse days.

“Going to bed hungry, but I have a goal to meet.”


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